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All Angles Part 3: Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

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Biggest Upset Wins Of Manny Pacquiao

Here are the 6 biggest upset wins of Manny Pacquiao(1998-2011) that catapulted him to greatness.

The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

If you love Combat sports, please watch this video to the end! This is the all-time best we ever seen in MMA, Boxing, K-1, Muay thai, BBJ, Taekwondo, Karate, SUMO, Wushu, Judo and Wrestling – all in this 21 minutes! This is top 20 + 3 bonuses The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports ever! Did we forget something? Music: Courage of Nations by Marcus Neely

3 Fights that Should be Seen by Every Fan of Boxing - Part 3

Make your bets here 1XBET - Thank you for watching! Subscribe now! Click here:, comment, share if you like this video. Number 1. George Foreman vs Muhammad Ali - boxing match that was held on October 30th, 1974 in the city of Kinshasa, Zaire. This fight is often regarded as one of the greatest boxing matches of the XX th century, it was held in tropical conditions, during the rain and high humidity period. The duel ended in 8th round with the victory of Mohammed Ali. Number 2. Sugar Ray Leonard vs Marvin Hagler - April 6th, 1987 the two very promising fighters met inside the ring. This was the 12th defense for Hegler, Ray Leonard wasn’t seen inside the ring for three years and took only one fight in the last 5 years. All tickets were sold out in 16 days. Of the 21 boxing reviewers, 18 said that victory would be for Hegler and only three supported Leonard. Number 3. Nigel Benn vs Gerald McClellan - January 25th, 1995 in London took place the fight which was later revealed to be one of the most tragic fights in the history of boxing. That night Nigel and Gerald decided who was worthy of the WBC belt. We are in social networks: ►Instagram: ►Twitter: ►Google+: SEE MORE▼ ► 3 Fights that Should be Seen by Every Fan of Boxing - Part 3 - ► Legendary Boxer - Roy Jones Jr. - ► How Prince Naseem Hamed Brutally Destroyed His Opponents! -

Manny Pacquiao vs Cocky Boxers:His Most Satisfying Wins

Manny Pacquiao has been discriminated and taunted inside and outside the ring but still he managed to give his fans impressive wins.

Mayweather Pacquiao Review Round 7 Controversy Pac schools Floyd

WHO REALLY WON? WHO REALLY LOST? THE FANS? IS THERE A CONTROVERCY IN THE SCORING OR JUST A CLOSE FIGHT? IF ITS A CLOSE FIGHT HOW IS 118-110 116-112 116-112 JUSTIFIED? Rounds the judges gave to Pacquiao is 4,6,9,10 We will discuss two rounds that are unanimously given to Floyd by the judges, but if studied closely should have been rounds given to Pacquiao. Rounds 7 and 12 No copy right infringement intended, clips from round seven totalling about 30 seconds, intended for critique of the May 2nd bout. Respect go to HBO and Showtime.

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